Petunjuk Teknik INDOVISION

For handling basic technical problems, you may be able to try solving them yourself, please kindly follow the following tips:

Indicator lamp is not active (on STAND BY position)

  • Caution > Main input cable is not tightly connected to the electricity source.
  • Trouble shooting> Make sure that the main input cable is connected to the electricity source. For PACE, Motorola and DS100, unplug the power cable and plug back in within a few second. Wait until the indicator lights on and turns to green. For RCA, when the indicator light turns on to red, press the STAND BY button.

    No picture, indicator light is on red sign

    • Caution > Decoder is on stand by position.
    • Trouble shooting> Press the Stand by button to turn the indicator light to green. The picture and sound will come out after few seconds.

      Malfunction remote control

      • Caution > No battery power or it is operated too far from the decoder.
      • Trouble shooting > Change the battery. Use at least 3 meters from the decoder to know whether it works properly.

        Freezing, scratching, or blank screen condition

        • Caution > Beware from:  Electricity problem; Terrestrial Interference (TI) on the parabola; Bad temperature circulation around the decoder that caused overheating; System is locked totally (for RCA decoder)
        • Trouble shooting > Press the "up arrow" button on the remote control followed with "down arrow" button, the picture and sound should appear on the screen. Do not put any of electronic equipment on the top of the decoder to avoid overheating.
        • For RCA decoder > Unplug the main input cable and plug it back in after few seconds. Wait until the indicator light turns on to red. Press the STAND BY button once more that the indicator light will turn to green The picture and sound should appear normally.

          Picture is blinking, breaking into small parts, then the message "Technical Problem" show up. Problem happens 2 or 3 second after signal interruption

          • Caution > Minimum signal quality due to technical interruption on the parabola such as broken LNB or change of parabola direction that has to be aligned. Broken LNB, cable cut by shovel or other utensil, change of dish alignment.
          • Trouble shooting > Press the menu button (mosaic button) on the remote control. Press "select your satellite" to check signal strength and signal quality. If the signal quality radically fluctuate until the highest level, we need to align the dish to avoid terrestrial interference. But if the signal quality remains the same, try to check the cable for there might be a broken line. If the cable line is in good condition, there might be a broken LNB.

            Do not be a victim to FALSE Representation of INDOVISION, who try to contact or visit our subscribers for a "decoder inspection". Our official staff will wear Indovision uniform and bring along an assignment letter also an Identification Card.
            Should you encounter such persons, immediately ask for his / her official Identification card and a letter of assignment from Indovision. In case of doubt please contact the Indovision Customer Care Hotline for a confirmation.

            To prolong the lifetime of your decoder, please follow these simple maintenance tips:
            1. Keep it away from water, magnetic material and audio speaker.
            2. Regularly wipe your decoder using soft and clean fabric. Do not use strong liquid as it may damage the decoder's paint coating.
            3. Turn off the decoder and the dish if you wish to travel for a long period.
            4. Make sure that your decoder is located in a dry place with good air circulation with temperature no more than 30° Celsius or below 5°Celsius. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight into your decoder.
            5. Please avoid putting heavy goods on top of your decoder.
            6. Do not put your decoder on a slant and slippery surface.
            7. Do not open your decoder.