How to subscribe to Indovision?
  • Fill in and sign the subscription form
  • Enclose ID and or a Credit Card Copy (if using Credit Card payment)
  • Pay the installation & administration fee of Rp. 200.000;

Does Indovision have a basic package ?
Indovision offer 3 basic packages to suit your needs.
SUPER GALAXY, Rp. 249.000/month 
GALAXY, Rp. 179.000/month 
VENUS, Rp. 149.000
Please refer to Packages menu for list of channels.
Note : All prices included 10% VAT

Are there any additional or ala carte packages in Indovision ?
Yes, we offer various a la carte packages such as
Cinema 1
Rp 70,000,-/month
Cinema 2
Rp 60,000,-/month
Cinema 3
Rp 100,000,-/month
Rp 55,000,-/month
Sports Plus
Rp 100,000,-/month
Vision2 Drama
Rp 12,500,-/month
Fox Movies Premium
Rp 25,000,-/month
Rp 25,000,-/month
Rp 25,000,-/month
Rp 55,000,-/month
Rp 165,000,-/month
Rp 15,000,-/month
 Golf Rp 75,000,-/month
More a la carte packages are available upon request.
Please refer to Packages menu for list of channels.
Note : All prices included 10% VAT 

Do potential customers of Indovision have to buy the hardware as a requirement to be an subscriber?
No. Indovision will lend the hardware to the subscribers with certain terms and conditions applied.

What are the terms and conditions for Indovision's hardware lending system?
The terms and conditions to be an Indovision subscriber are very simple. You only need to commit subscribing for at least 12 months period, to avoid the penalty fee of Rp. 400.000;
What are the benefits of becoming an Indovision subscriber ?
  • Indovision is the pioneer in Indonesia's pay-television operator service industry. 
  • Our dedicated satellite - Indostar II satellite's footprint allow Indovision programmes to be receivable, anywhere in the Indonesian archipelago.
  • The company uses S-Band frequencies, which are less vulnerable to atmospheric interference than C-Band frequencies, and are well suited to the tropical climate such as in Indonesia (rain, flooding etc).
  • Using a digital compressed system, allows Indovision to deliver superior audio and video quality. 
  • Using smaller and less expensive satellite dishes with only 80 cm in diameter, Indovision's set of hardware is transferrable inter town.
  • There is no need for installation on the rooftop nor a wide space to accommodate. 
  • With the alternate audio language system, Indovision viewers have more than 1 (one) language choices. 
  • The Parental Lock system is a feature that Indovision provide for parents concerned about the effect of certain programmes on their children. Indovision subscribers can block the viewing of selected programmes using a password system. 
  • The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) system allows Indovision subscribers to receive programme schedule for the next 7 (seven) days. The EPG also allows subscribers to select and book, up to four programmes they wish to watch.