PT MNC SkyVision (MSV) is the pioneer in Indonesia's satellite pay television industry. Established on August 8, 1988, MSV began to market their satellite-based Pay TV service in early 1994 under the INDOVISION brand name.
Since 1994, MSV utilized a C-band Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) analog service using Palapa C-2 satellite. Later in 1997, MSV underwent a radical technology change from Palapa C-2 Analog in C-Band to Indostar-I Digital in S-Band frequency. Indostar-I satellite was specially launched to cater MSV's program distribution in Indonesia, and is managed by PT. Media Citra Indostar (MCI), a sister company being also a subsidiary company of Global Mediacom.
Currently to distribute its service through out Indonesia, MSV is using its owned satellite named IndostarII that was launched on May 2009. Broadcast on S-band frequency, this satellite equipped with latest broadcast transmission technology.


    As a pioneer and market leader in pay tv industry in Indonesia, MSV's main objective is to deliver the best product of television education and entertainment to Indonesian families.

    • MNC Sky Vision (MSV) is a pioneer in Indonesia's satellite based pay television company.
    • Currently MSV have two products INDOVISION, TopTv to reach all the market segments in Indonesia.
    • MSV satellite, Indostar-II's footprint allows our programming receivable anywhere in Indonesia.
    • Using S-band frequency that is most stable and suitable for the tropical climate in Indonesia.
    • Digital compressed technology allows MSV to deliver superior quality audio and video. 
    • Using a small digital decoder and a mini satellite dish (80cm in diameter), MSV's hardware set is simple and easy to install. 
    • MSV's technology offers various powerful features such as:
        1. Alternate audio language system enabling viewers to have alternative audio program.
        2. Parental Lock System as a safety lock features to assist parents in selecting the appropriate programs for their children.
        3. Electronic Program Guide (EPG) as an on-screen tv guide, provides most updated program schedule for all channels up to 7 (seven) days. The EPG also allows subscriber to select and book certain programs so that subscribers will not miss their favorite programs.

      MSV currently distribute more than 105 superior quality local and international channels to the Indonesian families, categorised based on their genres such assports, news, movies, knowledge, kids, religion, entertainment, hobby/special interestand any more. These are offered through wide variety of Indovision's packages.
      With a digital decoder and a mini satellite dish, MSV offer high quality TV distribution services. By utilizing digital technology, MSV will continue to provide a high standard television distribution, reflecting a world class quality.

      Considering the technology digital and signal scrambling on MSV broadcast system, the several devices that are required to access channel programs are as follow:
      1. Digital Decoder, serves to decode the received signals data, so subscribers can access both television and radio channels.
      2. Viewing Card, to access the decoded data and unlock the programs.
      3. Mini Out Door Unit, serves as a signal receiver, equipped with LNBF (Low Noise Block Feed horn) mounted on a mini satellite dish, which is only 80 cm in diameter.


      Out subscribers consist of:
      • Direct to Home (DTH) Subscriber
        Individual customers who install INDOVISION satellite dish and decoder at home for personal use. They are spread throughout Indonesia.
      • Commercial Subscriber


        SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV) Service, receivable troughout Indonesia via a satellite dish connected to a satellite receiver device (head-end) and distributed to several TV units. Subscribers consist of housing complex, apartments, real estate, offshore companies and office complex.

        Hotels and Hospitals
        Five-star and non-star hospitality institutions throughout Indonesia use SMATV system to broadcast to hotel/hospital guests' rooms. This category of subscribers can select their desired channels to subscribe.